What to Wear: Stylish Attire for Work

When it comes to creating a professional business outfit, you can occasionally have serious fashion crises. You hit a block and run out of new ideas: what in the name of God are you expected to come up with now that you wore that skirt yesterday and those trousers on Tuesday? Fear not; it’s simpler than you would imagine and doesn’t have to be bland and uninteresting. Here are a few different styles you can try.

An elegant business look

When it comes to your professional attire, pencil skirts are a requirement. Choose items in one colour, such as black, navy, grey, tan, or pastel hues, and fabrics like wool, tweed, or polyester. Patterns can also be used as a game (e.g. non-colorful tartan, pepita or stripes). A high-waisted wool grey pencil skirt, a thin patent leather belt, black stilettos (same leather option), a white blouse tucked in, and a black shoulder bag are the suggested ensembles. Choose from the many stylish women’s jackets available for a professional style that is on-point, as they are a crucial component of the attire for the workplace. Choose the black one for this timeless look.

Professional and feminine

If you don’t particularly like the conservative style, blazer dresses are a wonderful alternative because they typically feature an asymmetrical cut. You don’t need to worry about thinking of numerous accessories because they are intriguing enough on their own. It only needs to be a watch and some earrings. We suggest a red structured bag, black heels, and a white asymmetrical blazer dress. Add a red lip colour, a woven ponytail to your hair, and minimise the rest of your makeup. This white-black-red combination is ideal if you want to deviate from the conventional office attire while maintaining your professional appearance.

Professional yet casual

You can dress in jeans and experiment with colours for a more relaxed work environment. Stick to clean denim textiles and stay away from worn-out denim. Try wearing a black blazer, traditional wine-colored heels, a belt in the same colour as your shoes, and a white shirt with a plain collar. Recall how we mentioned how getting a business jacket is essential? Here, it refers to the distinction between a wholly casual appearance and one that has been tailored to the workplace.

Elegant and direct

Try the classic sexy business style with a sleeveless black turtleneck and charcoal grey wide-legged slacks with chalk stripes. By matching your shoes and bag, you can add some colour. Although stilettos are our recommendation, this style can also be worn with flats (try loafers or moccasins). Use basic silver jewellery as an accessory (e.g. a thin silver detailed necklace will go beautifully with the turtleneck).

Both playful and elegant

Take into account the industry you operate in while choosing your professional attire if you prefer patterns and colours in your casual attire. Don’t combine too many patterns and colours. Try personalising the first look from our list by choosing a bright or boldly patterned top in place of the white one, but make sure the rest of your outfit is kept subdued.

Try out a few of these outfit suggestions and tweak the way you put the pieces together somewhat. You won’t ever be late for work again because you took too long to decide what to wear as you stood in front of your closet!


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