Tips & Tricks for Fashionable and Stylish Dads

We read a lot about fashion tips for mums and how to look good while still being comfy, but what about dads? When you have kids, you don’t have to give up looking good and stylish. This is true for all parents. So, with a little tweaking, dads can still wear their favourite clothes when they go to the park, school, the grocery store, etc. It’s important to know that taking an extra minute to put together a nice outfit doesn’t make you a bad father. On the contrary, it shows your child how important it is to take care of yourself. So, here are some tips on how to be a cool dad who is also stylish and comfortable.

Jeans are your best friend

A pair of good jeans is a piece of clothing that can be worn in many different ways and never goes out of style. You want them to fit you perfectly because you want to look stylish but also be able to pick up your baby or run across the park after a ball. They look great with just as stylish terry cloth shirts for men, which are both comfortable and stylish enough to look great with a pair of light denim pants. On the other hand, if you need to look a bit more put together for a PT meeting or a work event, you can easily go for a pair of darker denim jeans, a crisp white shirt, and a chequered sport coat. No matter what, well-fitted jeans are a must-have for any dad, so make sure you have a few of these things in your closet.

Neutral colours can never go wrong

When you were in college, it was fun to have a very colourful room, but as a dad, you might not want to wear a bright yellow T-shirt with a print and neon green sweatpants. Instead, have a lot of black, white, beige, grey, navy, brown, and other neutral colours. This will give you a lot of ways to put together great clothes. Mix a grey sweater with emerald green cargo pants, a black biker jacket, and a pair of white sneakers to make a stylish outfit for a day of walking around town and parks. If you want something just as comfortable but a bit more stylish, wear beige chino pants, a brown or maroon turtleneck, brown leather worker boots, and a double-breasted camel coat. As you change your clothing to include more classic and simple colours and styles, you will start to see how easy it is to put together a classy outfit with almost any two items.

Don’t forget the little things

Accessories are what really put the finishing touch on any outfit. Many dads might think that this only applies to expensive jewellery, but that’s not the case. Even the most simple outfit can look better with a high-quality, stylish classic watch or a nice smartwatch. As their main purpose, they can also help you keep track of the time, but they can also help you track your steps, get important alerts, etc. A cute hat is another great thing to wear. It will look great with a leather jacket and a tracksuit set. You can also get your child a matched beanie or one in a similar colour, so that both of you can walk around the park in style while staying warm.

To sum up, we can say that being a classy, cool dad doesn’t take that much time or work. Just follow the advice above, and you’ll look like you just stepped off a big fashion stage while enjoying every moment of being a parent.


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