Dress to Impress with Black dress

Dress to Impress with Black dress

Black is a timeless fashion trend that is synonymous with style. Wearing all black can add mystery to your look, whether it’s for sportswear, urban and street styles, business looks, or glamorous editions. According to one psychological study, wearing black clothes gives the impression of social desirability and discretion. Follow these simple steps to turn heads no matter what style you’re going for, whether it’s an all-black ensemble or tasteful accessorizing with black items.

Wearing black in the summertime

Most people believe that bright colors are required for summer. The truth is that you can look stunning in all black even in warm weather. Science backs up your black fashion summer choices! Black is always in style, and it looks especially good on tanned skin. Follow this season’s trends by wearing a black crop top with a circle skirt (or A-line) for a sexy look. The black leather backpack and stacked boots round out the look. If you want to give the black look a pop of color, try accessorizing with colorful jewelry and wearing brightly colored heels or flats. Just don’t make the most common fashion faux pas of wearing all black cotton fabrics. Although we prefer cotton for hot days because it is more comfortable, try mixing different fabrics and textures for a more stylish look. Lace is a great choice for a sexy and romantic look, pleats are always fun, and leather and metallic details will add edginess to your look. Consider silk and linen as your top two summer materials, and save fur, wool, and other warm materials for winter and fall.

Formal look and LBD   

When it comes to impressive and stylish formal dresses, black is unquestionably the best option. For nearly a century, the little black dress has been the ultimate classy item, and it continues to win due to its sophisticated appearance. Every woman should invest in a great black cocktail dress that can be mixed and matched with other items to create new looks: the key is to match your style to the occasion. Long-sleeved gowns with a dash of sequins are popular in 2016, as are unique two-pieces inspired by menswear. Turtlenecks can add a more sophisticated touch, while subtle c-thru details can make you appear more sexy. Fashion editors and bloggers adore black and recommend a minimalistic look if you want to make a more formal impression. You can even forego the jewelry entirely and focus on the exquisite details. Are you going to a business cocktail party or a formal dinner? Try an all-black look accented with simple silver jewelry, or go for a duo-chromatic look (e.g. black and red). Going out for the evening? Experiment with different hairstyles and makeup looks.


Photo by Rafaella Mendes Diniz on Unsplash

Accessorize wisely for different looks

Black outfits are great because they provide a good foundation for creating the desired look. Accessorizing is important here and can mean the difference between a formal and a casual look. Concentrate on selecting the appropriate jewelry, footwear, bag, and hair and makeup. A pair of light fabric black business pants, for example, can be transformed into casual wear with the addition of a pair of sneakers. Allowing your hair to fall naturally can make a formal look less formal than styling it into a slicked bun.

Black never goes out of style: it flatters your figure and provides a solid base for experimenting. Follow these few tips for a gorgeous all-black style or impress with balanced out details.

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