Seven Things You Should Expect in a Luxury Hotel

Seven Things You Should Expect in a Luxury Hotel

Staying at a 3-star hotel or higher is considered to be staying in a luxury hotel. When we choose a high-priced hotel and hotel room, we expect a couple of extras that will surprise us in a good way. Although the following information does not necessarily apply to your typical 3-star or less hotel, 4- and 5-star hotels should benefit from reading this article.


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A welcoming beverage 

A long flight can leave you thirsty, and the trip from the airport to the hotel during rush hour can certainly contribute to this. The distribution of a beverage by hotel management is a small token of appreciation that can go a long way. This gesture can have a big impact on a potential client.

Stable Wi-Fi connection 

Although most hotels provide some kind of wireless connection, when it comes to luxury hotels, superfast and secure Wi-Fi comes as standard. Naturally, the primary goal of a fast wireless Internet connection is to make a day more interesting, but if you are a businessman staying at a luxury hotel for a business conference, you will want to have access to fast Internet.

Electrical adapters 

Even if your travel policy requires you to always carry a variety of adapters, you may leave them at home, have them broken down, or lose them. Nowadays, charging your phone is critical, and having an adapter in every hotel room is not an expensive investment.

Proper air conditioning 

Although most (dare I say all?) hotel rooms have an air conditioner, they are not always properly installed. When installing air conditioning, consider the size of the room as well as the location of the device.

Flight board 

Now, there aren’t many hotels that provide this service, and to be honest, I’m not sure why. This neat, easy-to-install luxury will provide your guests with accurate flight information, and let’s be honest, the vast majority of your guests are frequent flyers.

Weighing station 

Whenever I travel abroad, I return with more pounds of luggage than I left with. However, on numerous occasions, my luggage allowance has exceeded the limit. Equipping every luxury hotel room with a weighing station is a cool convenience for your guests – they’ll be able to check the weight of their luggage and, instead of leaving the items that exceed the weight limit at the airport, they’ll have the option of sending these items via post.

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Complimentary gifts 

While I don’t pay attention to these, I’ve traveled with people who are overjoyed to receive a gift bag. In fact, some of them are so excited that they’ve forgotten about all the drawbacks of the hotels we’ve stayed at, prompting them to return to the same one next year. Never underestimate the effectiveness of a compliment!

All of the seven items mentioned are insignificant investments for a typical hotel, let alone a hotel chain. I hope a hotel manager comes across this article and decides to provide even more luxury to their future guests.

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