Fashion New Year’s Resolutions You Can Stick To

Fashion New Year's Resolutions You Can Stick To

For us, a new year’s beginning is similar to what Fashion Week represents for those working in the field. There is no better day than January 1st to sit comfortably in front of your closet and consider the decisions you’ve made in the previous. It’s time to get rid of some of the bad decisions you made on a whim or as a result of passing trends so that you may make way for new, fresh things and fashions. To that aim, we have put together the most comprehensive list of fashion resolutions that everyone—even those who are the least receptive to change—will gladly embrace and be able to fully keep.

Spice things up

The benefits of stocking your wardrobe with neutral colors and monochromatic clothing are undeniable. Minimalists are among the best-dressed people, and they do it with such ease because they have an abundance of pieces that go well together. Nevertheless, life is too short to not add a little color to it. You don’t have to go all-out boho, but you should aim to wear vibrant, flattering colors in every ensemble. To do this, choose a color palette that you love. Once your world encounters a splash of color, you won’t go back, so trust us when we say these are guaranteed to offer you that pop of color and a little flair and pizzazz to your style. As Pantone has named Viva Magenta the color of 2023, this is the perfect time to rock something in that powerful shade, and if you’re more of a timeless type, power red has never been more popular. 

Photo by piotr szulawski on Unsplash

Make use of everything 

The standard rule of thumb is to get rid of anything you haven’t worn in a year. When you’re finished organizing your closet, you figure you’ll use whatever survives. The one offense that practically all of us commit is rotating only the newest pieces while neglecting some slightly older ones. This must be altered. Refolding frequently and placing the items on the bottom back on top is the one tip that will enable you to accomplish this. You’ll be shocked by how many wonderful things you’ve forgotten about.

Love thy body 

This is perhaps the trickiest resolution to keep because we tend to be the most critical of ourselves. This absolutely needs to change. Just look around – plus size models and body positivity activists like Ashley Graham have taken the world by a storm and are changing our perception of beauty and shattering beauty standards as we speak. The best thing you can do is accept your lovely figure just as it is, and dress so that you look and feel good. It is precisely due to this new awareness and self-love that we now have so many options in terms of gorgeous plus size clothing – the industry has heard the voice of real women and is beginning to deliver. Your job now is to start appreciating your form and dress it in clothes that will make you shine. 

Indulge at least once 

Yes, we know trends are fleeting but in the sea of all that appear during the course of one season, there is always at least one that speaks to your style persona. That is the trend that you should follow and spend some of your hard-earned money on an indulgent item or two. Whether it is the athleisure trend you’re tempted by, the checkered power-suits and double-breasted blazers, glitter boots, or mini bags – give into it. Still, be smart, don’t fall prey to every trend out there – pick one or two that actually go hand in hand with the style you’re fostering now and incorporate the current fad seamlessly.  

Don’t buy it at all cost 

It’s time to adopt the “I’m not rich enough to buy inexpensive goods” attitude now that you’re older than 17 years old. It’s time to create and maintain a style character if you haven’t already. This implies that you must quit buying goods that match your existing wardrobe just because they are on sale or are absurdly inexpensive. Save your money for timeless, high-quality items that you will truly wear and avoid impulsive shopping. Your pocketbook and future self will appreciate it.


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