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Improving Your Home’s Resale Value Through Paint Colors

Selling a house is frequently a difficult procedure including several tasks. These tasks are frequently carried out to improve your home’s attractiveness to prospective buyers, but there’s another crucial factor to consider: raising the property’s worth. If you have any experience in this field, you are surely aware of how simple it is to list your house on the market and how well it presents when you stage it and do other tasks.

Paint colors may be really helpful, even if they might not appear as crucial as other tasks like plumbing. Therefore, we’ll attempt to clarify in this article how and what paint colors might increase the worth of your house.

These are the most affordable investments

It’s common knowledge that repairs and other remodeling projects may be expensive for the typical house seller. Thus, painting your walls is the least expensive upgrade that may significantly improve the appearance of your house. Nobody wants to purchase a house with dilapidated walls that were painted decades ago, after all. Therefore, repainting is a simple, quick, and frequently affordable DIY project that may help you save a ton of money.

Paints for the outside must be straightforward

Potential customers are drawn to the outside of the property first, but it also requires the greatest work. Because of this, exterior painting has to be straightforward and limited to no more than three colors. To achieve it, it is best to adhere to the 60:30:10 norm. This indicates that the walls should receive 60% of the paint, the garage and front doors should receive 30%, and the window frames and shutters should receive the remaining 10%. As long as you use complementing tones, your home will appear appealing and well-coordinated.

Regarding interior design, stick to muted hues

Although painting the interior of your house takes longer, it’s also simpler because the rooms are divided, making the task easier to do. It is better to go with warm, neutral hues like beige, brown, and gold since you will be moving following the sale. In addition to making your house appear cozier, these hues may draw attention to the natural light in your space, which will further enhance its warmth and friendliness.

The selection of contractors is also important

Right now, there’s a lot of volatility in the property market everywhere from Ireland to Australia. Because of this, you should exercise caution while conducting any remodeling so that you don’t lose additional money. As we previously said, you may do the task yourself, but if you don’t have the time or knowledge, it’s best to contact Bondi’s experienced painters, who can choose the finest paint textures for your house. Choosing professional assistance is crucial because they can also take into account the appropriate color schemes and, if necessary, post-restoration work.

If in doubt, just make safe decisions

Selecting the appropriate hues or combinations might be intimidating at times. Your main objective is to raise the selling price, therefore it’s better to use safe colors if you’re not sure which ones to choose. There are additional safe colors you may think about in addition to warm, delicate tones like milk and beige. One of the most reliable methods to update the outside of the house is to employ the color combination of grey and beige, or “greige” as it is commonly called. Regarding the interiors, blue is frequently recommended since it is a soothing hue for bedrooms and a tasty color for kitchens and eating areas. Choosing warm colors like light blue, navy, cerulean, or cadet blue can encourage potential buyers to come see your house.

Your home’s worth can be raised and beneficial improvements can be brought about by your choice of paint colors. Furthermore, painting is the least expensive and time-consuming improvement you can do to increase the appeal of your house to potential purchasers. It’s safe to assume that altering the appearance in this way may have a significant influence and help you sell your house faster, regardless of whether you do it yourself or engage a professional team.

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