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Eco-Friendly New Year’s Resolutions for Greener Home

We frequently gravitate toward resolutions that will improve our lives when it comes to making them in the new year. With this in mind, it’s time to give up harmful lifestyle choices and adopt a more eco-friendly one. What’s more, by demonstrating our concern for the environment, we can encourage our kids to follow in our footsteps and develop into eco-aware adults. We have chosen our top green lifestyle ideas for the upcoming year to assist you enhance the quality of your life for both you and your family. Let’s look around and get motivated.

Use sustainable materials

First things first: if you are sincere about living sustainably, you must spend money on sustainable materials for your home. This is due to the materials’ extraordinary durability and ease of maintenance. Additionally, by choosing these over conventional materials, you can greatly lower the amount of dangerous VOCs that can be harmful to your health and the health of your children. For instance, because they are water and fire resistant, linoleum and bamboo are perfect flooring options for kitchens and bathrooms. As an alternative, you can use polished concrete, which can be used for coffee tables, countertops, and fireplaces to lend a gorgeous industrial touch to your decor.

Add some greenery

The addition of plants and flowers is another critical step that will move you closer to creating a greener family home. These may both purify the air by removing dangerous pollutants from it and create a lovely, pleasant ambiance indoors. If you like this concept, you can choose the Areca palm, which also gives any space a posh appearance while lowering the airborne levels of xylene and toluene. Additionally, Peace Lilies, Dracaenas, and Lavender will eliminate any formaldehyde odors from your home while also soothing you with their pleasant scents. Last but not least, if your kids have problems falling asleep, you can put tiny planters with Hydrangeas and Jasmine in their room to calm them and provide them unbroken sleep.

Photo by Linh Le on Unsplash

Reduce your household’s energy use.

The decrease of electricity usage is one of the most crucial aspects of the transition to a greener family home. Instead of leaving your appliances on standby, which would still use energy, you can start off by just disconnecting them. More importantly, 10kw solar systems are a must if you genuinely want to save the environment because they may significantly lower your carbon footprint and lower your electricity costs. Additionally, you will be less reliant on conventional fossil fuels, which pollute the climate and our ecosystem, because your home will be powered by a dependable energy source. Last but not least, if you reside in a windy place, you should think about investing in a small wind turbine as a reliable, affordable, and clean energy option that can power your entire home.

Be water-wise in your house

Water conservation around the house is a terrific method to lower costs and promote a greener lifestyle. Installing low-flow faucets, shower heads, and toilets in your bathroom might help you get started because they are just as effective as standard ones while using less water. Additionally, you can impart on your kids some useful water conservation advice, such as the importance of shutting off the taps while taking a shower or shampooing their hair. Additionally, be sure to inspect the plumbing for any leaks because an unexpected pipe burst can cost you money and your nerves. Whether you want to be completely secure, you may get a qualified expert to assess the state of your pipes right now and let you know if any quick repairs are required.

Start properly recycling

Last but not least, recycling is a crucial component of any eco-friendly way of life, and it’s crucial that every member of the family participates. Bring in multicolored bins for each form of garbage, from paper and plastic to electric and organic materials, to introduce your family to the concept of recycling. Keep in mind that you should explain to your kids that recycling entails turning waste into fresh, useable resources in order to avoid creating landfills that degrade the environment. Keep in mind that not all plastic may be recycled in the same way, making it essential to understand the many recycling decoders.

As you can see, making your home a green family home for the upcoming year doesn’t need much work. You only need to have a sincere desire to preserve the environment and adhere to these eco-friendly lifestyle recommendations. Best of luck to you in your new house.


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