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How to Make Your Tiny Office Space More Creative and Inspiring

How to Make Your Tiny Office Space More Creative and Inspiring

The most important thing to remember whether you work from home or have a small office is to keep it tidy. A cluttered, messy, and disorganized workspace will have a negative impact on your work. Even if you spend the majority of your time on the computer, the office as a whole should be well-organized. Sitting in an office, surrounded by papers, documents, and coffee mugs, will sap your confidence and productivity.

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The Furnishing

A good workspace does not require a large office. If you work from home, even the smallest room, closet, or space under the stairs can be transformed into a lovely, tiny office if properly furnished. All you need is a computer, a desk, a comfortable chair, and storage space. When you need a break, a few pictures on the wall can help you relax and refocus. Documents and papers should be stacked neatly in the boxes. You should have a few shelves to place those boxes on.

The Clutter

Your workspace must be clutter-free and decluttered of all unnecessary items. If you are a hoarder, your office will not be a pleasant place to work. Even small spaces can have adequate lighting and be very comfortable. You can paint it bright colors and make it a place to enjoy and relax when you’re not working. Of course, the computer desk and chair are the most important pieces in your office, and they should be of high quality and extremely comfortable. The shelves and boxes can be made by hand, allowing you to work in a space that is uniquely yours. You should also have a trash can and two or three document trays on your desk, which can be DIY as well. 

Keep Your Office Clean

When decluttering and purging your workspace, do your best to keep it clean for as long as possible. You don’t want your clients to walk into a dirty office if you work in an office building. Working from home makes it much easier to keep your office clean; simply clean it when you clean the rest of the house. Your home workspace serves as your office. As a result, there are some undesirable aspects to it. You don’t need your child’s toys or your pet’s bowl in it, for example.

Clean Air for Better Productivity

The workspace should be dusted on a regular basis. Working in a space with stale air is unpleasant, so if you don’t have large windows, air purifiers can be an excellent solution. It is also not a good idea to have food leftovers lying around your workspace. The trashcan must be easily accessible; never throw trash on the floor. Use paper only for important documents and memos. All of the newsletters and subscriptions that you can receive via email. Make a cleaning schedule and stick to it at least once a week. When you finish your work, always clean up your desk. It feels good to come in the next morning and begin working in a clean and tidy workspace.

Enjoy Your Workspace

If you enjoy your job, you should enjoy your workplace as well. Nothing beats waking up every morning knowing you’re going to a filthy, stinky, cluttered office. However, knowing that your tiny workspace is clean and tidy will allow you to enjoy the work you love even more.

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