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How to Keep Your Family Home Safe

As a mum, your kids’ safety is the most important thing to you. It’s likely that your home is the best place for your child, but there are still things that can hurt them and hurt their health. There are safety problems in your home. What can you do to make sure your most valuable possession is safe and happy in your family house?

Keep unwanted people outside 

You definitely don’t want unwanted visitors in your home and anywhere near your kids and your property. So, make sure to equip your home with sturdy doors with smart safety features. Today, you can invest in smart locks and smart doorbells so you can have full control of who’s coming and going from your house. Also, make sure to install safety features on your windows. Many injuries happen when kids fall out of unprotected windows, so you might want to install screens and safety gates that will prevent access to windows. 

Prevent water accidents 

While it’s great to teach your child how to properly wash their hands or to help with dishes, make sure to ensure they are always safe while doing so. Scorching water can cause serious burns to your kid’s sensitive skin, so installing anti-scalding devices on your faucets is a great idea. And if you have a pool in your backyard, never leave your kids playing in it or around it unattended. A good pool fence can reduce the number of incidents by 50%. 

Store chemicals and poisons safely 

Kids are curious little things and they will touch everything that comes under their hand. What is worse, many of the things they grab will end up in their mouths! There’s nothing wrong when your kid is sucking on a teething toy, but if they grab chemicals, this can seriously damage their health. So, all cleaning supplies, pills and pesticides need to be stored in locked cabinets. Also, get informed about what you should do in case your kid ingests some of the toxic matters. 

Keep your gun away from kids’ reach

Guns can really improve the safety of your family, but only if they are safely stored and handled with extreme caution. So, if you’re a gun owner, make sure to invest in a sturdy gun safe that will ensure only you have access to your weapons. Best safes are almost impossible to break into and are especially safe when stored out of reach from kids. Some models are can also store several guns, so all of your pieces can be away from your kids. 

Check your smoke alarms and carbon detectors 

Every inhabited home needs to have working smoke alarms and carbon detectors. In case of any emergency, these devices can give you a precious few seconds that will allow you to escape the fire and save your family and property. Make sure to conduct regular checks and replace batteries every time your detectors start chirping. There are even smart smoke and carbon detectors that connect your phone and send notifications of any issues at home—very useful if you want to stay up to date at all times. 

Protect kids from electric shocks

Electric shocks are one of the most common injury causes of kids. Proper grounding and proper storing of all electrical items can prevent these unpleasant events that can be so dangerous to cause death. If your kids are small and curious, it’s best to invest in cable protection and outlet covers that will keep everything dangerous from your kids’ reach. 

Keep your home clean

Cleanliness is very important for child safety, since kids often pick up various things from the floor and put them in their mouths. While you can vacuum once a week and sweep every day, it’s also smart to book professional cleaning sessions every once in a while. Professionals like Master Clean USA will tackle every single corner of your home and use all proper products that will create amazing results at affordable rates. 

Practice pet safety

Growing up with a pet is one of the biggest gifts you can provide your child with. However, unsafe pet handling can end up with bites, even among familiar animals. Dogs and cats can get scared, threatened and overly excited and react in a way that’s not pleasant to the child. So, make sure to teach safe pet handling from an early age and never leave your kid with your pet alone. 

If you make these smart changes to your home, expect to provide your kids with a safe and happy childhood. Our kids are our biggest treasure, so make sure to keep them perfectly comfortable in their homes. 

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