The Positive Effects of Being Close to Water on Our Health

There are many of us who hold that those people who live by the sea are happy and have your ever contemplated that reason? Through it all, it has been discovered that being in any physical form of water can bring you not only a number of physical advantages but also psychological ones. While all natural settings do impact our lives in quite positive ways, the water evidently offers even more stress-relieving and mood-lifting advantages, and here are just some of the great ways spending time near water can improve our health and well-being:While all natural settings do impact our lives in quite positive ways, the water evidently offers even more stress-relieving and mood-lifting advantages, and here are just some of the great ways spending time near water can improve our health and well-being:

Relieving built-up stress

One of the reasons that water has the greatest appeal of all nature is because it takes us to a meditative state which relaxes us. A swimmer is not even required to get into the water physically just to swim much less to be surrounded by it and thus enjoy its great medicinal effects, alleviating stress. Just sitting nearby and closing your ears to the soothing sounds of the water, you will just relax and it will seem like all the worries and troubles just dissolved.

As soon as you are close to the water, and you hear the sounds of it, with your nose filled with the smells of nature, and you are watching the wave break and the ripples appear, you will be able to give your worries away, be in the present, and in this moment, find the peace and tranquility you have been seeking. Practicing near nature, such as a lake or an ocean, tops almost everything as it just gives you a 30-minute interval to rejuvenate and gain energy again.

Improving sensory awareness

Nature does have the power to give us an illusion that we are one with it. However, when we start to move in water and engage in water sports, this feeling of oneness with nature and the living beings around us can be even stronger. Knowing the direction of the currents, the waves, and the other factors that affect how the water feels on my body makes me more mindful about being „here and now“, as well as being aware of my body and how I perform in the current conditions.

This is primarily true in case when we enter the water with swimming, being obliged to adapt ourselves to water by using all body muscles and also when it is surfing or sailing, in which we have to know how to handle equipment and ourselves and enhance sensory aspect. Stress levels will fall and that is not the only benefit, you’ll be less likely to suffer from depression or anxiety. This means that you can spend your travel time feeling elated about everything.

Promoting relaxation and fun

I believe it to be the most inspiring experience in my life as going out to see is actually the best one. You do not have to be a skilled climber to be affected by the psychological benefits of being in nature. All it takes is having a windflow in your hair, a refreshing smell of salt, a beautiful sunset being behind the horizon, and then just some of the most beautiful sceneries one can imagine, which are all known to contribute to relaxation.

While this is a peaceful feeling that can result from you having chosen just crewed yacht charters, there is a step further. There is no question that the chance to sail on tame seas aboard a beautiful yacht, while a very capable crew is attending to hard work, gets you to a care-free state as you take the time to breathe in fresh air and contemplate all your thoughts. By far the best and most fulfilling experience that you can get.

Providing a serotonin boost

As long as we do any other form of workout, we can also expect the release of the hormones because of the swimming sports as well as other forms of water. These notorious chemicals have another name which is “happy hormones”. They make us just feel much happier and better.

Not only this, the feeling of splashing into the water with any kind of activity actually makes us use our senses simultaneously. Subsequently, such a state arises because we feel evaluated and calm which results in making our mind clear, all the tension dissipates, enhances mood, and ultimately we are in a happier and relaxed life, in general.

Bringing us comfort

Water being associated with peace and tranquility.  Being there or just around it makes you calm and relaxed. Even the most meditative activity of just witnessing the water comes through or looking at the stunning ocean is sufficient to make our bodies relax and release the health promoting substances that help us get some time off of the exhaustion.

It’s during this time that our minds will most likely enter a state called “blue mind. This sensation of self-effervescence eventually will enable us to put aside the stress and to engage with ourselves and our surroundings just the way we would in nature. Plus, watching uneven waters and romantic sunsets is another activity that offers a source of creative inspiration and originality.

It can be a lake, for example, or a river or even a sea. The point is that, the activity where we are just sitting or standing by any of these water bodies is definitely nothing but good for our health and overall wellbeing. Ranging from stress relieving to the happiness boosters and sensory relaxation to the mind-calming effect, it will bring the awesome trick to anyone’s life, and we have a right to spend more and more time being near the water.

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