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The Essential Travel Packing Guide for Makeup Addicts

It’s not easy to go on a trip when you have to use so many cosmetic products every day to achieve that perfect appearance. Most likely, you’re thinking how to properly pack everything you need without weighing more than your baggage allows. Alternatively, you might not want to pack the largest luggage possible, but you still need to accommodate all of your clothes and the two cosmetic bags. In any case, here are a few packing suggestions to make your next vacation packing a breeze.

Put liquids in plastic bags for security

Bottles containing facial serums, toners, shampoos, and conditioners often have loose closures. When you’ve planned the ideal trip, the last thing you need are major spills and torn clothes. Worse still, it can completely alter the trajectory of events if you are traveling for work and the one suit you had chosen for the major occasion is wrecked. Therefore, store liquids in plastic zip-up bags to avoid unpleasant circumstances and to preserve your clothing. That manner dresses, shirts, and pants will be protected even in the event of spills.

If you’re traveling, keep in mind the TSA regulations

If you’re not a frequent traveler or this is your first time taking an aircraft, you should get more familiar with TSA regulations. Specifically, you are not permitted to check in with liquid bottles that weigh more than 3.4 oz (100 ml). One clear zip-up bag must hold all of the bottles, and the combined volume of all the bottles and containers holding creamy items cannot be more than one liter. The same holds true for a little luggage that fits in the overhead bin on an aircraft. Store full-size items in your luggage if you want to check it in. Ask for trial goods at the beauty stores so you may stock up for the vacation and make packing easier. To save the trouble of calculating how much you need to transfer in tiny clear bottles or containers, choose travel-sized items.

Arrange based on categories

Keeping yourself organized is made easier by dividing up your beauty necessities into many smaller cosmetic bags. Put all of your hair accessories and cosmetics in one bag, for example. Put cosmetics in a second little cosmetic bag and skincare goods in a third. In this manner, you’ll avoid wasting time searching through a large purse for your lipsticks, eyeshadows, and bobby pins. Invest in the greatest ponytail hair extensions available to have a perfect hairdo every day of the week and avoid wasting time changing your hair while traveling. You may simply style your hair with clip-on hair extensions without having to worry about cleaning it too frequently.

Bring the most useful cosmetics

Do you have hundreds of lipsticks and eye makeup palettes? Consider using makeup brushes. We warn against the plan of packing much of that cosmetics inside your suitcase. Firstly, you’re never going to travel with all that makeup on. Second, especially if you’re flying, you should try to pack as little as possible in your luggage. Thus, bring only the necessities, such as a neutral eyeshadow palette and a single, striking eyeshadow to add some oomph to your makeup in the evening. You just need two lipsticks—one neutral and the other bold—to look put together for any event. To avoid carrying more highlighter, all you need is one waterproof mascara, your go-to foundation, and a sparkly blush. Another piece of advice: the next time you’re looking to buy an eyeshadow palette, think about how portable it is before shelling out a lot of money to use it only three times a year.

Reevaluate every skincare item you own

You most likely have a whole supply of skincare items in your bathroom, just like any other beauty lover. You are unable to travel with all of those, though. Thus, consider practicality once more. Are any of those goods packaged in a little bottle? Is it possible to purchase a travel-sized item at airports? One easy option to lighten your baggage and conserve room is to pack sheet masks rather than a bottle of face serum. To naturally increase the moisture in your skin, hydrate from the inside out.

It doesn’t have to be a nightmare to pack for another vacation. All you have to do to avoid spills, damage, and overweight luggage is to adhere to our straightforward advice. You may now travel worry-free without interfering with your beauty regimen.

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