The Best Winter Destinations You Should Visit This Holiday Season

Midway through December, if you enjoy traveling throughout the winter, it’s time to start planning where you’ll go this season. These top 5 choices will include places for everyone, from those who enjoy New Year’s Eve spectacular and like to immerse themselves in the festive atmosphere a few days before and after the celebration to those who like to try something new every year.


This lovely Belgian city is both a genuine example of a city that is a true testament to history and a Unesco World Heritage Site. A distinctive architectural ensemble is formed by the four gates, which date back to the first century, the predominately Gothic architecture of the Historic Center, and contemporary structures like the new Public Library and the Colettijnenhof. Winter’s snowy scenery makes it even more alluring, and the well-known Belgian cuisine and beer will keep you toasty while you explore.

Al Ain

This city in Abu Dhabi is well worth visiting since it combines a lively metropolis with archeological sites that are more than 5000 years old. The aura of the past still permeates the air despite modernity at one of the most significant intersections of historic caravan routes. The Bronze Age Hafit tombs, the seven oasis, and purchasing a product from Sougha will all contribute to your experience of this fascinating city’s artistic side.


There is no requirement that one must spend their winter vacation in a snowy location. If you’re not a fanatic of cold weather or winter activities, Australia, the jewel of the Southern Hemisphere, is undoubtedly the place to go for something quite different from what winter vacations often include. There are several things you may participate in, including snorkeling, diving, swimming with whales and sharks, water skiing, and surfing. The ideal lodging option for exploring Australia’s many attractions and forgetting about the chilly days back home would be to rent a place through this wonderful country.

Photo by Photoholgic on Unsplash


Lapland is certainly the best location for anyone looking to experience a winter that actually resembles one from a fantasy. With all the woodlands blanketed with snow and more reindeer than people living there, it makes sense that Santa chose this region as his home. As near to a winter fairytale as it gets is spending days skiing through pristine wilderness or taking a dog sled journey to view the Aurora Borealis and evenings in a warm log home in the woods.

Hong Kong 

The majority of people identify New Year’s Eve festivities with the winter vacations. And for precisely that reason, Hong Kong is in the top five on this list. There is no better way to ring in the New Year than with fireworks as it is obvious that doing it at home is not your cup of tea. Reserve a seat at one of Hong Kong’s tallest bars, such Ozone or Sugar of Felix, to take in the city’s vista and one of the world’s most stunning fireworks displays.

One thing is for sure, whichever entry from this list you choose for your holiday this winter; you will not make a mistake. Each of these places has a rich cultural, historic and entertainment content to offer while at the same time being authentic and significantly different. Have fun.

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