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The Best Blinds to Choose to Make Your Room Look Bigger

There are numerous techniques you may use to enlarge a tiny space. Using the appropriate shades for your particular space is one technique to make it appear larger. After all, this is the simplest and least expensive approach you can use, second only to repainting your space. Nonetheless, there are countless options available on the market for blinds. What should you know, then, if the new blinds you installed are meant to enlarge the space? Find out by continuing to read.

Choose sheer blinds

The more natural light a space has, the bigger it appears to be, as you have surely already heard. You’ll have greater privacy with dark blinds and drapes, and they’ll keep the sunlight out too. Yet, this also has the effect of making your room appear smaller. The use of sheer blinds can increase the amount of natural light in your room, which has numerous positive effects on your health.

Use lighter hues

Completely sheer blinds may not be an option for some people and their homes. If it applies to you as well, consider lighter-colored blinds in shades like white, eggshell, cream, or grey rather than going fully translucent. Lighter hues are generally thought to open up a room and give it a wider appearance. Also, they give the space a sense of peace and cleanliness, which is fantastic if you want to adopt a more minimalist lifestyle. It’s no surprise that airy and modern Venetian blinds in Melbourne have been identified as the most popular blinds type for Australian homes in this city given that blending minimalism with elegance has long been the prefered decorating approach in Australian homes.

Horizontal blinds

Using vertical blinds is a wonderful option if you have to cope with a lower ceiling that makes your space feel very small. In essence, the design of vertical blinds quickly expands the space, therefore try putting window coverings closer to the ceiling for the most effect in this area. This is a fantastic method to change the appearance and atmosphere of your space without going overboard or running the danger of creating too much clutter.

Wood shutters

Wood blinds may not seem like a suitable option for homeowners who want to make their rooms appear larger, but if they are the right fit for your decorating style, you don’t have to give them up after all. If you merely opt with thin slats, wood blinds will not only give you enough privacy when the slats are closed, but they will also let in enough natural light to open up the area. Of course, the blinds will work better in terms of making the room appear larger as well the lighter the wood hue.

Low profile for compact spaces

As previously noted, there are several blinds solutions available on the market nowadays. This implies that you may easily discover the most elaborate and exquisite blinds. But, if you have a space that is on the smaller side and your main goal is to use different shades to make that area appear larger than it actually is, always choose low profile blinds. In order to create a clean and more open appearance, keep in mind that the blinds should be simpler the smaller the space you have to design.

Install the window treatment outside

The finest tip in the book is to put the blinds outside the windows if your main issue with the space you have is that your windows are really small (thereby making the entire room look smaller, too), and you don’t want to or simply can’t commit to installing new windows. Fundamentally, mount the window coverings to the wall or to the window frame to give the impression that the window is larger and the room is larger at the same time.
Getting rid of any clutter near the windows will open up your rooms and provide the impression of a larger area. Hence, keep larger furniture items and trinkets away from kids. A uniform colour scheme will also help brighten and open up the room even more, so even if using contrast with colour is currently one of the more popular design trends, those of you who want to make your area appear bigger should choose that option.


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