Supportive Parenting: Encourage Your Kids to Aim High

Throughout their formative years, we should try our best to assist our kids discover their strengths and passions, and the greatest way to do this is by letting them try new things. It’s only normal for us as parents to be concerned that our kids may wander off if we aren’t vigilant enough, but we must remember that being overprotective won’t help either. Let’s look at the list of suggestions for how to assist kids in realising their potential and fulfilling their dreams.

Teach them the value of being accountable

One of the fundamental qualities we must establish in our children from an early age is responsibility. That much is obvious, but how exactly do we go about doing this? You may start by using your own example to show them that you have everyday tasks that you complete, such as cooking or washing the dishes. Then, show them how conscientious you are with these obligations and how fun it may be. Finally, you can start giving your kids little assignments that they can finish alone, like setting the table for dinner. By doing this, you’ll teach children that everyone should pitch in around the house and take charge of their own share of responsibilities. Although though it might not seem important at that young age, it will undoubtedly benefit them later in life, particularly when they are in school.

Let them make their own judgements

As we’ve already discussed, worrying excessively can result in parents overprotecting their kids and denying them the opportunity to explore their own personalities and hobbies. Give them counsel instead of directives, and even allow them to make mistakes because that’s how they’ll improve for the next time. Moreover, you should watch your child carefully to see when they actually need your help and when they don’t. When this happens, be prepared to aid them without placing undue pressure on them. Teenagers, for instance, sometimes struggle to recognise their strengths while selecting the correct college and frequently feel disoriented. Hence, if you observe that your child wishes to enrol in Harvard University, try to be encouraging and assist them in realising the strengths they have. And one of the best ways to achieve this is to support your child in realising their potential and developing the self-assurance necessary to make their own decisions about what they actually desire.

Avoid being overly critical

Another typical error that parents make is criticising their children too harshly because they believe that this will get them to listen to them and prevent them from making the same mistakes. The outcomes, nevertheless, are frequently exactly the contrary of your expectations. You won’t help them become more cautious; instead, you’ll undermine their confidence. As a result, they won’t feel capable and will give up easily the next time they run into problems instead of learning from them and making conclusions that will aid them in the future. Hence, if you want your child to be able to pursue their aspirations, emphasise their strengths and give them encouragement rather than criticism.

Avoid making fun of them

You probably already know this tip, but occasionally, even laughing about something your kids do, say, or like can still hurt their feelings, even if no malice was intended. Teens are especially sensitive, so rather than making fun of the music they’re listening to, you should learn how to listen to them and perhaps discover why they find that genre so appealing. This is a tiny thing you may do to let them know you respect their decisions and interests. Ultimately, it doesn’t happen infrequently for kids to approach us and share their lofty ambitions of being pilots and movie stars. And even though you are aware that these plans are difficult to execute or maybe unattainable, don’t deflate their hopes. Instead, give them some time; eventually, they’ll see for themselves what they’re capable of.
Overall, since children are such delicate individuals, you need to know how to interact with them. We all want them to succeed, but occasionally our enthusiasm for their success can be so great that we fail to consider their own interests and viewpoints. Therefore rather than placing undue pressure on them, give them room to grow as individuals and have faith that they will realise their potential when the time is perfect.


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