How to Do Your Own Makeup and Look Your Best for Your Wedding

Applying makeup on your own for the big day might be a really good idea. Even the most talented artists won’t be able to perfectly replicate the wedding look you’ve always imagined, and even if you are somewhat proficient with a brush, you’ll probably love applying it yourself.

Not to mention that your pocketbook is almost sobbing after the pricey wedding dress, groom’s outfit, location, food, photographer, music for the reception, cake, florist, hair stylist, invitations, and a host of other expenses. It will get some reprieve from this.

But how can you ensure that your work at home is of a professional caliber? We’re going to tell you, so get ready to take notes.

Try out a few outfits to determine your color palette

Natural-looking colors that work well for weddings include light brown, rose, blush pink, champagne, taupe, pale bronze, peach, and beige. While striking colors like emerald green are certainly an option, we don’t really advise it unless you know how to work with bolder hues and it really fits your taste.

We advise you to experiment and determine what truly works for your complexion and what complements your wedding gown rather than making too many assumptions about what will look beautiful and what won’t.

Practice at home

Practice your wedding look till it’s flawless once you’ve decided on it. We also don’t mean to just do the look once or twice before the wedding; rather, we mean to do the look at least ten times, tweaking it here and there as you go. In this manner, it will seem flawless and you’ll be able to finish it fast and effectively when the day arrives.

Use only high-quality items

You don’t want your foundation to seem orange in pictures or for your mascara to run in the middle of the reception. If you’d like, you can purchase high-end brands of cosmetics online. Choose companies that you are confident will provide your makeup with high-quality ingredients, long-lasting power, and a natural finish. Of course, drugstore brands also offer high-quality products; however, you should only purchase them if you are confident in their caliber.

Select the appropriate foundation and primer

Selecting a foundation with a satin or more matte finish is often a smart choice for your wedding. You need something that is long-lasting because dewy foundations tend to oxidize quickly and give the appearance of oiliness on your face in pictures. But the primer is a different story; you should select it according to your skin type. Choose a matte, oil-controlling product if you’re oily, and a moisturizing one if you’re dry.

Blush, contour, and bronzer

Although you are free to forgo contouring products, we still advise applying blush and bronzer. It’s a good idea to counteract the flat, washed-out aspect that flash photography tends to give individuals by adding some warmth and depth. Think of cream products that may be easily blended into your foundation for a more natural-looking finish.

Perform many all-day wear tests

This is a must-have, particularly if you rarely apply makeup and are unsure of the performance of your items. Do multiple wear tests prior to the big day to make sure your blush won’t fade after two hours, your mascara won’t smudge, and your foundation truly does last all day. Don’t simply sit around the house either; get out and about, get chores done, and perhaps work out a little.

Is the exercise plan a tad too drastic? Listen up: you probably picked a warm day of the year for your wedding, and you’ll probably spend the day dancing and having fun. You will probably sweat, so it’s critical to know that your makeup will hold up.

Pay attention to the lips or the eyes

Pick a more natural lipstick hue if you intend to wear a lot of eyeliner and darker eyeshadow. Similarly, you can go ahead and wear a strong red lip if your eyes are merely slightly shimmery from mascara. It’s crucial about balance, so make sure your makeup doesn’t look overly dramatic or clownish by concentrating on one particular aspect of your face.

Steer clear of SPF when applying makeup

Use a moisturizer with strong UV protection, but avoid certain makeup on your wedding day like SPF-containing foundations. Why? because when you utilize flash photography, they will make you appear like a greasy ghost. If zinc oxide and titanium dioxide are present in your foundation, they may give you a bright white cast and strong flashbacks.

Use a flash when taking pictures

In keeping with the flashback theme, snap some photos of your wedding makeup ahead of time. In this manner, you can make sure everything looks well in pictures and prevent unpleasant surprises.

It’s time to employ all of these wedding makeup tips that you already possess. Continue practicing until you achieve the perfect look of your dreams!

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