A List of The Top Ten Attractions in Spain

Spain is a country with a lot to offer, including delicious food, stunning scenery and architecture, and attractive people. There are numerous well-known locations in this country to visit if you’re planning a trip, but these lesser-known yet just as stunning locations are well worth the time and money you’ll spend:

1. Tenerife’s El Teide

One of the most breathtaking locations on earth is the Island of Tenerife. Since it’s one of the few locations on Earth where you can experience nearly every season at once, some people refer to it as “the museum of four seasons.” Given that this location is quite small—much smaller than places like Sydney or Melbourne—this finding is even more astounding. You will have the opportunity to see breathtaking desert-like landscapes with reddish soil and a scorching, arid climate that only the hardiest plants can withstand when you are there. These aircraft are home to several hiking paths, some of which pass through quaint hippie communities.

There are also verdant forests, such as Mercedes, where the rain never stops. And lastly, the peak of Spain, the island’s jewel, the magnificent volcano, El Teide. With the exception of the Hawaiian Islands, it is the highest volcano in the world when measured from the ocean floor. El Teide, which is a breathtaking site, will be your last sight if you depart the island by plane during the day. Its peak, piercing through the sea of clouds and bathed in sunlight, will undoubtedly remain etched in your memory for the rest of your life.

2. The Old Town of Altea

This charming tiny village is situated between Calpe, the home of the Ifach rock, and Benidorm. If you would rather spend your vacation in peace and quiet, Altea is the place for you. Admire lovely white cottages lining quaint cobblestone pathways that lead to a stately main square. This area is teeming with family-run businesses, including restaurants and stores, historic buildings, and beautiful landscapes. When you do decide to take a break from your touring, be sure to sample some of the flavorful regional cuisine and spoil yourself with a unique memento from one of the many craft stands you’ll come across while strolling.

3. Los Atunes’s Zahara

Make sure you visit this lovely community with some of the most breathtaking beaches around if you happen to be in the province of Cadiz. This community is close to Tarifa, the southernmost tip of Spain; Tarifa is more hippie and surfer friendly, but Zahara de Los Atunes is more laid back and family friendly. If you enjoy fish, staying here and dining on Atlantic bluefin tuna would be a thrill. Here, tuna is actually a staple meat, so if you’re vegan or vegetarian, be sure to learn about all the plant-based options and ask the waiters for clarification if necessary, as even salads have chunks of tuna in them. When you’re sick of the sights, sounds, and flavors, there are plenty of eateries and bars serving up delectable cocktails. In addition to swimming and tanning, you can also go kitesurfing, rent bikes, or take a horse ride.

4. The Estepona

Although Estepona is not a traditional tourist destination, its beauty is drawing more and more attention every year. Estepona is located on the western side of the Costa del Sol. In addition to being a working town, this location has lovely beaches and a marina. If you enjoy dining at real restaurants and sipping cocktails at beachside bars, this quaint little place is not to be missed. With warm, clear water, Playa del Cristo is arguably the most visually appealing beach there is. When you grow weary of lounging on the beach, you can visit Castillo de San Luis, the castle constructed in the fifteenth century by Spanish Catholic rulers, located in Centro Historico. In addition, you may stroll through the stunning Plaza del Reloj, where the bell tower—the only remaining structure of the Iglesia de Los Remedios that withstood the 18th-century earthquake—remains. If you’re a sucker for golf, you can play at the Estepona golf course and know that you won’t be let down. For those who prefer flowers, there’s also the captivating Orchidarium.

5. The Carmona

For those who are unaware, Carmona is one of the oldest cities in Europe. Therefore, if you appreciate old structures and want to explore Moorish architecture, Carmona is the place to go. Don’t let this modest location deceive you; there is enough to see and do, including the Moorish fortification Alcatraz de la Puerta de Seville. Just remember that admission is required in advance. Other noteworthy structures include San Bartolome, a fifteen-year-old church that is home to several priceless paintings and artworks. If you would rather just explore, you can stroll to the marketplace, which was once an old Dominican convent that has been adorned in a classic Castilian style. Additionally, you can feast your eyes on the many charming balconies that surround the Plaza de San Fernando, the city’s principal center.

6. Almazécar

Almunecar is situated in the province of Granada on the Costa Tropical. There are plenty of activities to pack into your vacation itinerary, like visiting gorgeous beaches like San Cristobal or indulging in mouthwatering Spanish wines that will have you wanting to dance all night! See the Arch of Triumph, which is also regarded as the city’s entrance, if you’re more of a history buff. The three arches of the arch, which was constructed in Blas Infante’s honor—a politician regarded as the founder of Andalusian nationalism—remind people of the three civilizations that influenced Almunecar’s identity: Roman, Christian, and Islamic.

Seafood makes up the majority of the cuisine in the area for those who enjoy eating wonderful food. The most well-known foods are garlic soup (sopa de ajo), fried pumpkins (calabaza frita), and seafood grilled on a grill (moraga). When it comes to desserts, be sure to try the chirimoya (apple custard ice cream). The following is a suggestion for a hedonistic and unique moment: you, alone or with a loved one, some of the world’s most vibrant sunsets, a sweet Spanish “vino” in your hand, and “helado de chirimoya” in a bowl on your lap.

7. Bodegas de Cadiz, Cadiz

Known largely for its homes built into the overhangs of rocks over the Río Guadalporcún, this mystical white “pueblo” in Cadiz province is also known as the Town Under a Rock. Considering its size, there are surprisingly a few impressive sites to view, one of which being the first-century AD Acinipo Roman ruins, also referred to as Ronda la Vieja locally. For all of you wine enthusiasts, Principe Alfonso is a fantastic local winery (also known as bodega). They have superb red wine. August is a great time to visit if you want to have some fun because it’s the time of The Feria de Setenil de las Bodegas, a local celebration that includes horseback riding, concerts, and flamenco dancing.

8. Santillana del Mar

This ancient town, which is conveniently situated in the stunning province of Cantabria, has a lot to offer visitors. The stunning Romanesque Collegiate Church of Santa Juliana is a must-see structure for lovers of architecture. Additionally, the Altamira cave contains parietal cave art that dates back over 35,000 years to the Upper Paleolithic epoch. The fact that this cave has the earliest European cave paintings depicting the local animals truly puts things into perspective and inspires gratitude for how far humanity has gone. In addition to this, Santillana del Mar has a ton of galleries and museums. After visiting some of the neighborhood eateries or bars, you can unwind and process your experiences while enjoying a delicious meal or beverage.

9. Burgos

Formerly the capital of the Kingdom of Castile, Burgos currently has a beautiful blend of Renaissance and Gothic architectural design. This charming location frequently goes unappreciated, so even if it’s not completely off the usual road, it nevertheless merits a spot on the list. When you get here, the 13th-century Cathedral of St. Mary, which is designated by UNESCO, should be the first place you go. This amazing piece of history and architecture, when viewed from the outside as well as the inside, will chill you to the bone, regardless of your religious beliefs. The Museum of Human Evolution, Plaza Mayor, Casa del Cordon, Miraflores Charterhouse, and Atapuerca are more locations that are well worth visiting. With so much to discover in Burgos, it’s understandable why so many people fall in love with this amazing location and return time and time again.

10. La Cumbre Casas

Tenerife was the first item on the list, and I believe a location that is magnificent should have at least one more place on the list. For that reason, Casas de la Cumbre, one of its best-kept secrets, will serve as our post’s finale. It’s one of those locations that is difficult to locate on tourist excursions and packages. As the name implies, there are just a few typical “Casas,” or dwellings, yet they all have something in common that makes them anything but typical. You might begin your tour in Taganana, a small fishing village with a catchy name, which is located at the base of the Anaga forest, which is a sight in and of itself. With its Canary Island-style buildings and winding lanes, the town exudes charm.

From there, a hiking track winds through the lush, fanciful woodland of Anaga, culminating in the aforementioned Casas de la Cumbre after a strenuous ascent. This location is the icing on the cake, fully justifying the adage that “the best view comes after the hardest climb,” obviously in its most literal sense. You will never experience a more rewarding vista of the beach and green hill peaks than you will from this modest spot. You can take one of the buses back to your hotel after taking in the view for as long as you think is necessary, and you can then reflect on all the amazing experiences you have had on this lovely island and in this wonderful country.

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